Asbestos Surveys

Do I need an asbestos survey for my business property?

If you are the owner of, or are legally responsible for commercial premises, such as an office, shop or industrial site built before 2000 in the UK, then you need to have an up to date asbestos management survey in place and available for inspection.

Current Health and Safety Executive (HSE)  Control of Asbestos regulations 2012 legislation stipulates that anyone who is responsible for the maintenance and repairs in a building,  has ‘The Duty To Manage’. 

You are a duty holder if:

  • You own the building
  • You are Responsible through a contract or tenancy agreement
  • You have control of the building but no formal contract or agreement or
  • In multi-occupancy building, you are the owner and have taken responsibility for the maintenance and repairs for the whole building.

What buildings are affected?

  • All non-domestic buildings, whatever the type of business built pre 2000
  • The common areas of domestic buildings, eg halls, stairwells, lift shafts, roof spaces outbuildings & grounds.

Why get an asbestos survey from us?

Asbestos surveys carried out by us will ensure that your business premises are fully compliant with current UK legislation. We are not connected to any commercial asbestos removal firm so you are assured that our survey is unbiased and independent. As a fully accredited provider, all of our professional assessors work to the highest standards to give you complete peace of mind that your asbestos survey is done thoroughly, protecting you and your employees, and safeguarding you from any potential health associated litigation in future.

Why is asbestos considered dangerous?

Although use of asbestos in the UK was banned in 1999, many buildings built before then are likely to contain large quantities of asbestos or asbestos containing materials (ACMs). When asbestos is handled or disturbed in some way, it can release fine fibres that are potentially harmful when breathed in and can become lodged in the lungs. As well as causing lung cancer, asbestos is known to cause a range of other lung diseases. Given its wide use before it was banned, asbestos remains a significant risk to health killing around 4500 people a year in the UK. There are three main types of asbestos that can still be found in premises, commonly called ‘blue’ ( crocidolite) ‘brown’ (amosite) & ‘white ( chrysotile) asbestos. All are dangerous carcinogens. Despite their names, you cannot identify them just by their colour.

What type of asbestos survey will I need?

There are three types of asbestos survey for commercial clients. 

The first two types are management surveys (previously referred to as a type1-2 asbestos survey) where we aim to locate the presence of any asbestos containing materials. We thoroughly check the extent of any asbestos and fully assess its condition so we can provide a comprehensive risk assessment. A management survey is fairly straightforward, requiring the minimum of intrusion or disruption to your ongoing activities. Sampling can be included if required.

The Third type of asbestos survey is a refurbishment & demolition survey (previously a type 3 asbestos survey), and is far more intrusive. In order to locate and sample all asbestos containing materials – as far as is practicable our surveyor may have to damage some areas in order to gain access to hard to reach parts of the building. In all instances the surveyor will keep you fully informed of any disruption this is likely to cause you or your staff Sampling of all presumed asbestos must be carried out.

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